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Adhesive Wrap
Self-adhering wrap covers and protects damaged vehicles and doorsills. Great for protecting vehicle ..
CAATS Premium Seat Covers
Great way to show customers that you care about their vehicle. Protects vehicle while being serviced..
Car Covers
Car Covers are designed to provide dust or overspray protection for the body shop or short term stor..
Deluxe Floor Dispensing Stand
Store all your interior protection products including floor mats neatly and within reach. This dispe..
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Parts Bags
Manufactured to ensure high strength protection for your customer, these parts bags are available in..
Slip N Grip Tire Bags - 100 / Roll
Tire Bags • Contains a minimum of 15% GreenPE® recycled resin • Ideal when returning old tires or ..
Slip n Grip Tire Maskers - 50 / Box
Tire Maskers • Protection from dust and overspray • Contoured design for a tight fit • Spec..
Steering Wheel Covers
Unique elastic banded steering wheel covers stay in place on most steering wheels. Keeps grease and ..