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6 Ply Heavy eTag Backers
Print your etags on plain paper, then wrap them around this heavy backing and seal in your bag...
6" x 11" Pre-Drilled Vellum eTag Blanks
eTag Blanks 67-pound Vellum Card Stock ​This is the minimum thickness allowed by state law, cut ..
Economy eTag Backers 18 pt.
Thinner than our 6PLY yet heavy enough to keep your etag from floating in the air. Reusable. Save mo..
Perforated eTags 8½" x 11"
No need to change your printer settings with these letter size (8.5 x 11 inches) pre-drilled blanks...
Weatherproof eTags
MAKE COMPLIANCE SIMPLE! NEW for 2019! Save time with these Temporary Tags, they are the late..